Its Defined Ministries

1.   Outreaching- to plant Churches should to be the top priority    among   the   other ministries of the SOCAVA-COC MISSION. It is to note that in the province of Quirino, we only have one Congregation, the one in Diffun founded in 2002. We also have four (4) small ones in Nueva Vizcaya Province.

         While it is true that every local Church has an implied task to reach out  its nearby localities, in the case of  the Churches in this Southern part of Cagayan Valley is yet far possible. There is a need of a para-church organization to work hand in hand with the Congregations in the area for this Outreach ministry to make a reality.

2.   Discipleship-  the process of building up the membership to become mature in the faith and become a productive member of the body. This program is to be implemented through Seminars, fellowships, camps, formal and informal training, and such other enhancement activities that may lead the membership to attain fullness in the faith.

3. Christian Education- to design curriculum  for   every  activity     that   SOCAVA-COC MISSION will to engage such as Conventions, Seminars, Camps, Crusades, and others. It is also to look into all the Christian materials to be used during Sunday Services and other Church activities. 

4. Campus Evangelism- to conduct students’ Christian activities for students in high school and college campuses to balance the development of their mindset in approach to the fast changing environment.


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