The Reality (Actual Field Status): 

     It had been a century now since the Churches of Christ/Christian Churches had started making missions in the Philippines but until now, there are still some parts of the country that had not yet been reached by the Gospel. There should be an untiring commitment of our Brotherhood to unite for the progress and continuous evangelistic works in the Philippines. As in the case of  this portion (Southern Cagayan Valley) of the country, our commitment is what needed most. There are still lot of  things to do, still a long way to go. Statistically, we have not yet reach even a 20% of the area. We could not make it by our own. Please give us your commitment now. Leaving us alone to do the mission work could cause us to accomplish only a small percentage of the quantity of the mission field. We want to hear from you Brothers  and Sisters:

You could come, visit us and see personally with yourselves, the status of our mission field, and then  decide what could you do to be a part of it;

 Write us at our e-mail address:  and give us your suggestions or comments that may help us to  conclude what could be  the best to consider in working out on our programs and activities; or, 

Send us your donations of any amount indicating your intention to be our regular or  one time donor of our Mission.

     The Lord Bless you Brethren! Thanks for visiting us in our website. Keep on visiting us and be updated of the development of our mission work in the Southern part of Cagayan Valley. Again, we will be glad to hear words from you, soon.  


Our E-Mail address:

Contact Persons:

Pastor Gilbert B Guillermo      (Quirino Province)      09066068749

Pastor Solomon Perillo           (Nueva Vizcaya)         09066168056

Bro. Elmer Valentin                (Isabela)                     09267038366

Bro. Edgar dela Pena            (Canada)                    0017783204054


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